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1 the lean flesh of any of numerous American perch-like fishes of the family Centrarchidae
2 among the largest bony fish; pelagic fish having an oval compressed body with high dorsal and anal fins and caudal fin reduced to a rudder-like lobe; worldwide in warm waters [syn: ocean sunfish, mola, headfish]
3 small carnivorous freshwater percoid fishes of North America usually having a laterally compressed body and metallic luster: crappies; black bass; bluegills; pumpkinseed [syn: centrarchid] [also: sunfishes (pl)]

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  1. Any of various small freshwater fishes of the family Centrarchidae, often with iridescent colours and having a laterally compressed body.
  2. Any of various large marine fishes of the family Molidae that have an oval compressed body.

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